Who are my mentors?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I get this question often.  I never went to college – so whom did I learn from?  While there are hundreds or thousands of authors I’ve listened to or read, let me tell you some of my favorites so you can get their work, too.

Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale – They become your second dads.

Tony Robbins – I’ve listened to him for years.  Then when I saw him speak live to a small group of 150, I thought he was the best speaker on the planet.

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – you must have it!

Brian Tracy – The master of how to do things – lots of things!

Steven Covey, Michael Gerber, Marianne Williamson, Eckard Tolle, Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell, George Gilder and Zig Ziglar.

That should keep you going for, oh, a decade or so! 

Larry's Aunt Donna

Hey Larry- glad to see one woman author on your list. Let’s add more!

Aunt Donna

Heather - DES Delmarva

Some I have read. Some I have not. Some I haven’t even heard of so THANK YOU!


And how about GOD and his works. Please add to the list and if possible in my opinion he should be at the top of the list

Tim Byrne

Hi Larry This is my first time writing to you Firstly thanks for your daily blogs Love them and secondly loved you book thanks. A few names I would add are Wallace Wattles,Neville Goddard,Charles Haanel,Christian Larson,and Earnest Holmes God Bless Tim

Rob Videon

I have listened to many of these guys and entire audio books free on Youtube (good resourse) Nothing has been more helpful in my life than my desire to grow and learn physically, emotionally, knowledge through understanding wisdom ( life, relational, vocational and spiritual) I also think the book of Proverbs is helpful as well! Thanks for some new names to look up Larry.

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