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Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I lived 21 minutes from my office for ten years.  Then we moved and I still lived 21 minutes away in the other direction. I listen to audiobooks in my vehicle all the time.  It’s time that I’m alone, uninterrupted, where I can absorb the words of others.

Twenty-one minutes each way is 182 hours a year, or 4.55 solid 40 hours weeks a year.  That’s a lot of inspiration, education and information on a wide array of subjects.

Do you think that would make a difference in your life? 

Susan J Smith

Podcasts rule. Do it all the time. I’m at 30 minutes, so I look forward to a solid hour of “me” time daily.

Larry's Aunt Donna

Audio books were my salvation when I traveled throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama by car doing my job. (Director of Clinical services for a large nursing home chain.)
Sometimes when I reached my destination, I wanted to sit in the car and listen just a little bit longer if I was in the middle of a very interesting part. Sure made the trips more enjoyable.
The library was my main resource and I have friends who would trade.
Good idea!
Aunt Donna

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