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Listening is powerful

Listening is pretty easy.  You don't have to do anything outwardly.  Inwardly however you have to care about and want to know what the other person has to say, how they feel, and really understand them. You know that what they have to say is the key to so much…

Listening is…

"The best way to persuade others is with your ears, by listening to them." - Dean Rusk, Former US secretary of State Listening is... the ultimate mark of respect. the basis for collaboration. the heart and soul of engagement, kindness, and thoughtfulness. the basis for true partnership and community. the…


MBWA - Managing by wandering around. The idea is that you can't lead from your private office with the door closed, absorbed in voluminous financials and abstractions written in a strategic plan, sending emails all day. You lead by walking around and interacting, learning and making a difference on the…

Listen for what they are NOT saying.

What customers and employees say is one thing. But you have to listen to what they are NOT saying too. What they are NOT saying may be more important. Why don't they say it?  They are being polite, they don't like confrontation, they are afraid of retaliation, it's easier to…

Psychology is far more important than technology

Technology can accelerate your progress, but don't lose sight of how it makes you and others think and feel, short and long-term. All products and services are to make people feel better. Marketing, sales and delivery should not forget; your customers and employees are human after all.  

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