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Grow, then dial in the profit part

Growth takes capital, even if you don't borrow it.  Often when we play a good offense and grow a business, we don't make money at first.  Once we learn more about running that particular business at that particular level, then we can play some defense and figure out how to…

Do the right things

Your employees should do things right.  You?  You need to do the right things. At first, don't worry about doing the right things right, just do the right things, even if you don't do them well. By doing the right things poorly, you will gain experience and eventually be able to…

Busy is an excuse

"I'm too busy.  That's why I can't make time for (improvement, learning, change, more important stuff)." For most, busy is an excuse.  Busy is often another way to say lazy in our thinking and soft in our willingness to face what we must and step out of our comfortable groove to…

Poor thinking habits keep you poor

A struggling businessperson works hard - very hard. Lots of poor people work hard. Apparently working hard or not isn't the critical variable. There is dignity in working hard. However working hard at the wrong things won't get you very far, and will hold your organization back. Working hard at thinking, learning and…

Stop doing what you are expert at

You are very good at being the leader you are now and getting the results you are getting now. You feel competent at being the person you are now. You are an expert at it.  But in order to get to the next level and get even better results, you…

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