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Ideas do not make you a leader

Having a great idea does not make you a leader. The ability to get a team to accomplish results that people want, does. Are you leading a team to perform well?

What were you doing yesterday?

You can look at someone's situation today and understand what they were doing yesterday. You can look at a business and see what kind of leadership they had yesterday that lead them to their situation. What you do today, this week, this month, and this year will matter and show…

Lead with Fear or Love

Leading with fear is a job any human can use their primitive faculties to do.  The problem is it's no longer strongman rule, you aren't popular, and people are free to leave. Leading with love is far more sustainable.  Sure, some people won't love you back, won't love the team…

Prioritization and Time

Does the amount of time you are spending on ___________ match its importance? What is more important? Where should you spend MORE time then?

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