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LEVERAGE - Using the technology, time, money, knowledge, brains, or skills of others to accomplish what you yourself could not accomplish, or accomplish so quickly. Where do you use leverage? Where do you need to use more leverage?  

Speak the unsaid

Nothing can change until the unsaid is spoken. That thing that no one wants to talk about.  That thing or person that is holding you and the team back. There is something to declare. It's what everyone knows and no one wants to acknowledge. Acknowledge it. Nothing can change or…

Empower your way to the top

Leaders and managers -EMPOWER good people to give their best to move the team forward towards goals. You cannot babysit your way to accountability and high performance. Don't abdicate or allocate work.  Delegation is nice but even that isn't the way. Empowerment is the highest form of leadership.

Problem Solving

Leaders solve problems by wielding their decision-making power.  We don't like problems and we want them to go away fast - so we want to solve problems quickly.  But too often we don't make the right decision and have a sub-optimal solution.  Slow down.  Problem-solving is 80% discovery and diagnostics. …

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Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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