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Ego in management

Many managers are employees who did a good job and got promoted to manager.  We all have egos.  Many managers don't want their direct reports to be better than them at something because they are insecure. But when you get promoted to managing other people, it's not about you anymore. …

Trust your people first

If employees have to earn your trust before you give it, you are slowing your company down. If they have to spend months cleaning the shop and taking out the trash before you'll let them touch a machine, you're going to be short employees who can use the machine. If…

Changing Horses

There is merit in changing jobs and companies to learn more.  It seems to be popular these days to change companies or even careers fairly often.  Sometimes there are advantages, and other times you hope the grass is greener, but realize it has to be watered, fertilized and cut on…

Leveraging Time

Often business owners who have a handful of employees say to me - "I am going nuts keeping up with 6 employees - how do you do it with all you have going on?"  For years I have thought about how I can do a task in my business so…

What is the most important thing today?

Prioritization is a master skill of high achievers.  Why work on the third most important thing, when number one and two are not done? The first thing we must do effectively is define what "Most Important" means.  If we don't have that right, we can't prioritize well. "Most important" means…

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