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Little Impact, Little Reward

If you want bigger rewards, then you need to make a bigger, more meaningful, more profound, positive impact in others lives. Either more impact to the same number of people or the same impact to more people, or both. If you change how you think about yourself, your abilities, and…

Who are you becoming?

"We are free when we move from a focus on getting love, abundance, peace and freedom to being love, abundance, peace and freedom." - Brent Kessel, "It's not about the money" Early in our careers, we are most concerned with getting.  If we mature well, we will make a shift…

Why make lots of money?

Excess money is a storehouse of value and life's energy.  When we channel that value and energy into an expression of what is most dear to our soul, an exciting alignment takes place between our financial and spiritual lives. What's better than a good person?  A good person with money.

"You're Unreasonable"

Your young and make a move.  "You're a dreamer," they say. You struggle.  "You're unreasonable," they say. You pivot and adjust.  "You're crazy", they say. You see things others don't see.  "You're dilusional," they say. You persist.  "You're stubborn," they say. You have a big positive impact.  "You're a genius,"…

"When the terrain changes…" Stay flexible.

My son Tanner and I recently raced the Baja 500.  Starting at 4 am, going 487 miles on a dirt bike - dark, cold, heat, fog, heavy dust, rocks, sand, steep hills with boulders - the whole thing.  It's a race and a test of mental toughness and physical endurance. …

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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