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Today's Think Daily for Businesspeople Message

Learn from your mistakes – quickly.

It's ok to make mistakes. It's not ok to not to learn from them. The marketplace will punish you, over and over again until you learn.  And if you are a leader with people counting on you, it's irresponsible not to learn from mistakes made by you or your organization.…

Unattainable goals appeal to heroes

We've heard not to set goals that are unattainable.  But how do we know they are attainable?....that others have done it with a good chance of success? If we never try anything where the outcome is unknown, then we will never do anything groundbreaking. Unattainable goals appeal to heroes. Heroes…

Run experiments in your business

What experiment could you run in your business? Try some different communication to customers.  Make special offers and bundles. Ask employees ___________________ . Have a contest to see who can __________________ . Make it in blue and red. Change the packaging. Try this and see what happens.... Write a story…

Problem with someone?

Get together with them, uninterrupted.  Have a one-sided conversation.  Listen.  Ask follow-up questions.  Listen.

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Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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