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The Power to Create

Being an entrepreneur, leader, and even a manager gives us the power to create something new, something extraordinary, and something special.  To the degree we can say what is done and how, we have this power. If we look around we can see how we have exercised this power in…

Why do I feel good about myself at work?

Because -  People care about me and what I do. My manager notices my good work and recognizes me formally and informally. I get to contribute ideas and people listen. I don't get attacked for speaking my mind.  I can call it if something is not right. I work with…

"I feel good about myself at work"

Can your employees say that?  Do they feel better about themselves at work?   Feeling good about the company is one thing, but feeling good about themselves at work is an even higher level.  If they have to go home to get their self-esteem repaired to be able to come face…

Profit is a fragile thing

If you make a modest profit and an expense goes up by $1000, guess where it comes from?  Profit. If a $1500 cost is added, guess where it comes from?  Profit. Soon enough, all the profit is gone and you're losing money.  Do that for too long and your organization…

Cross train your people

What if you sent someone from _______ department to work in and with the people in another department for a week?  And what if you kept doing that - sending people on an adventure to another department for a week? Would they get to know each other better?  Make friends?  Understand…

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