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Today's Think Daily for Businesspeople Message

Removing Obstacles

We ask - "How can I move my business forward? Today ask - "What/who is stopping my business from moving forward?" Can you remove it/them? If not, can you accomplish your personal goals in another kind of business or a reinvented version of what you have already?

Character – The missing ingredient

For all the things we are taught growing up, there are a few glaring omissions.  You know like personal finance, salesmanship, and how money works. But there is one area that makes a huge difference in one's life and is very much overlooked - good character and high morals.  When…

Want to get more value from your team?

Your payroll is likely the greatest expense your organization has.  Do you want to get more value for that big expense? Lead them well.   A good leader will turn people on, give them clarity, have them working on the right things and working well together - and get far more…

In control but not in charge

If a leader is in the middle of doing it or closely managing the team, they can't do higher-value activities.  Let someone else be in charge of daily operations so you can do the leadership job.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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