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Training only when there is a crisis

Do you train your people only to "straighten things out"?  If so, your people will have a Pavlovian response of dreading training because it only means we messed up, things aren't right, and we're in trouble. If you train your people when there is no problem at all, they will…

Be good looking!

Be a good observer of what is really going on in your business.  This means taking the time to get enough good information.  Talk to people at all levels.  Look at the numbers closely.   Bad decisions come from bad or incomplete information. By being "good looking" you will make the…

A body showed up today…

When an employee shows up, do you want their body and mind and heart to all show up together? If you only want their body, and want them to leave their mind and heart home, then eventually their body won't show up at all. If they want to bring it…

Feud in your business?

Is one department fighting with another?  Do managers not get along?  Are department goals at odds with each other? It's killing your organization. Understand the problem first.  Interview people.  Ask the right people the right questions.  Why?  And why is that? Get the right people together - managers, influencers and…

Hiring well, half the time

You hire people who are a great fit, half the time.  This means you aren't hiring well and are getting lucky. We'll never get it perfect with every hire, but the effort to do so pays extremely well.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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