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The Border

It's the line between who you are now, and who you could be. Between your being, and your becoming. Between this version of you and the best version of you. Sometimes there is confusion, friction, resistance on this border. It will take effort, intention, and even a little daring to…

You are charged with caring for this person –

If you were given a person that it was your responsibility to take care of, how would you do the job? Well, there is someone you have been charged with taking care of - it's you. Eat well, move well, sleep well. You are responsible.

You're not perfect

There are no perfect people and NEWSFLASH - you will not be the first. This should be a relief! However, recognizing when we are not behaving well, or acting with virtue and doing less than our best, and calling ourselves on it is an important part of being the best…


Today, at 4:30am Pacific Time, I will be given the green flag for the longest non-stop cross-country race in the world - the Baja 1000. This is my third attempt solo, which is called the Ironman class. My race plan for the 806-mile desert course on the Baja peninsula in Mexico is…

Your friends lead you

Often your greatest regrets were things you did with friends - people who supported you in doing that.  This is why you need to have friends with the values that will take you to where you want to go. Get support in your own self-leadership.

The right kind of friends

We often pick friends with common interests - ones who are about our age and like to do the same things as us.  But we can be lead in the wrong direction by some friends if they don't have the same values as us.  Your friends will determine the direction of…

What do you value MOST?

"I will prioritize what I value most over what I want right now." What you want now is rarely what you value most.  Most people never discover what they value most until it's too late. Where are you leading yourself to?

Being clueless on this subject is good!

If we are to be a high performer we must control our attention. If we are to control our attention we must stay on our agenda, not the rest of the world's agenda. This means saying no to news, much entertainment, infotainment, and all the light goings on of the world. We…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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