The hard work of alone time

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I spend about half my work day alone.  I’m away from others, learning and thinking and writing and deciding.

It’s work I simply cannot focus on when other people are around.  I’m the leader, and people want to engage me.  If I was an employee, I think I’d have a far better shot of sitting at my desk and digging in.  But I’m not – so I have to create an environment for focused time in my work life.  When I go to work later in the day I’m am ready to talk to people without feeling like I am being pulled from my focused time – because I have already done that for the day.

This is not advice for everyone of course.  If you are the leader of a functional team, they need you.  But it is advice for all of us in some form.  We have to escape the noise and find space for disciplined thought.

Do you?

Bob Ligmanowski

Ha! My winning schedule….I’m starting to Understand! It’s a vortex that’s always there..I need to avoid it, and let them handle it, so I can do my job..leader!


Yes ! I find time every morning (early in the morning) to gather my thoughts, write my goals down for the day and do my creative thinking. Then and only then, do I feel I’m ready to tackle the day and all the conversations that go with it. 🙂 Great Post Larry !

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