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Instant communication, delayed response.

The paradox of technology is that it has removed barriers that made communication slow and cumbersome and expensive while erecting barriers that inhibit interpersonal interaction. If you want to really communicate best, if it really matters to you or your business, meet with people face to face.

Leaders – Smile!

Smiling tells your team you are approachable, you got this, everything is ok, you like them, you approve of them, the future is bright, and so much more. Don't forget - smile!  

Believe you can figure it out

When we do something new, we may not be confident that we can do it well, but believing you can learn to do it well is important.   Don't be overconfident and arrogant, but maintain an open mind and learn from the right people while believing you will get there. Believe…

Confidence is attractive

Part of being a great leader or manager is being confident.  People are attracted to others who are confident. Unconfident people do not inspire others to take their lead. Preparation and successful experience breed confidence. How confident are you?  

Your workplace – emotionally safe?

If enough people, and key people really care about other people there, it's a safe place and people will stay and want to give good effort each day.   It's not the only factor of course, but it's an important one. The competitive advantage of "we care about people".

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Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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