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You do not understand something if you can't express it and write it down on paper. If you can't write it down, it has no form your mind can go to work on. Reading something is one thing.  Being able to teach it to someone else is another. You don't…

The Golden Hour

"The first hour of the day is the rudder of the day." -  Brian Tracy. Do you get up and rush out? Can you get up early enough (go to bed early enough) so you can read some, plan some and get your thoughts together on what the best day…

Cause and Effect

What are your major business problems? Cause and effect works even if you don't think so. It's like gravity.  If you step off a ten-story building you'll always go down.  It doesn't matter if you know about gravity, understand gravity or even believe in gravity - it works every time.…

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that you are a living magnet.  You will attract into your life things, people, and situations that are consistent with your major dominant thoughts. What are your major dominant thought?

Prepared for Opportunity

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. If it's not your time or your season, are you working hard to get ready?  

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Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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