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You want X.   Your goal is X. What is interfering with you accomplishing your goal?   Honestly, is it in you, or outside of you?  What if you took your foot off the brake and removed it? How?  When?

You are an emotional computer

Years ago I read a book called "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale.  He explained the "strangest secret" was that we become what we think about most of the time.  He wasn't the first to discover or even describe this idea.  It's in the Bible and many other places.  "As…

The big story you bought into

Consider your life and the circumstances around it and who you are as a result is all a big story that you believed and bought into and accepted as real. Human beings are the only species that can change that - if they decide to.

Cameras and Microphones

Your brain is a processor, but it needs inputs to process.  For this, it has cameras (eyes) and microphones (ears) to gather information to work with. What is the quality of the information you are taking in?  What are you watching/looking at/reading/ listening to? Don't abuse yourself by putting low…

Build You

The source of a great life and experience for you will always be what's inside you.  What you know, how you understand and process events, emotions and others, and your confidence and enthusiasm for your own future. Knowledge, emotions, confidence.  Build the inside you.  The outside you depends on it.

Time or money?

When buying things, time and money trade-off against each other.  If you are low on money, take the time to find deals.  If you are low on time, stop looking for deals and just buy things online. If you have time, stretch money.  If you have money, buy time.  

Done is better than perfect.

Completing things is better than laboring over them far past the point of diminishing returns for time invested. Besides, often you aren't really sure what perfect is, and by calling something done, you'll learn faster for the next time. Perfection is an ideal to push towards in more or less…

College? How old fashioned!

Once in a while I write about something that may strike a nerve with some.  If I am wrong, tell me in the comments.  The world has changed so much and the pace of change is getting faster.  Things that were staples of life and that many made their living…

Don't Quit!

So long as you are moving toward a worthy goal in an area that matches your native abilities and interest, perseverance is a quality you're going to need to move closer to your potential. In fact, the greater the goal, the longer it will take, and the more you're going…

Borrow a brain

Reding or listening to a good interview/podcast lets you use someone else's brain for a while - and take advantage of all the years of experience it took for them to learn what they know and think that way. People who borrow brains get smarter faster and accomplish more.

"I am not a runner (or a _________)"

You don't run because you are not a runner you say. But you are not a runner because you don't run.  That is a choice. If you run, you are now a runner.   If you do ___X____, you are now an X'er. What do you want to be?  What would…

Only singing one song?

If you play a guitar with only one string, you can only play one song. If you are tired of doing the same thing, or bored, or feel there is something more to experience - learn how to do something new. New Year, new you - if you learn new…

Broken dreams or just not your preference?

Many of us say we have been broken by something that happened or did not happen.  But if we look at it again, many of those things were simply preferences.  We'd rather have had this happen or not happen, but we will be ok that it didn't or did not.  …

The Great Barrington Declaration

I haven't talked about COVID at all at Think Daily, simply because I am not an expert on the subject, not to mention it has become a chunk in the political soup. But today I will refer you to something I found quite interesting.  It's called the Great Barrington Declaration…

Is the Media making your life worse?

"Future generations will look back at TV as the lead in the water pipes that slowly drove the Roman's mad." - Kurt Vonnegut Is the media reporting news or causing a lot of it? If you didn't tune in would you know all the bad things going on? Do you…

Feeding A.D.D.

Do your kids have so much stimulation that they can't focus?  Multiple devices?  TV and video games at the same time?  Trying to do remote schoolwork with a phone by their side?  Toys everywhere?  Entertainment all the time? Do you have all this? The human brain was not made for…

Be your own change agent

"Improvement" means change. Change is about moving from where we are to where we aren't. Better to change yourself than have an outside force make you do it, kicking and screaming. What are you going to change about you?  

Stop doing things to make room for the new you

What's most important now? A full life leaves no room for something new, unless you STOP doing some things. What will you stop doing to make room for a new and powerful activity/habit this year that will take you decisively toward your goals?

Can you focus your attention for long?

Can you point your focus and attention where you want or do you find your mind swinging from one thought to another like a drunken monkey swinging from vine to vine? Controlling our minds is an essential component to living our greatest lives and becoming our best selves. You simply…