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Believing in others beliefs

There are many different cultures and beliefs here on planet earth.  The ones we believe in or live by are likely the ones that the people around us did when we were growing up.   I have talked about large groups of people believing in something that just isn't so -…


If you want people to trust you, believe you when you say things, and consider you valuable -  Do What You Say You Would Do. The flip side is to not say things in the moment that you aren't willing to follow through on, no matter how long it takes;…

This too, shall pass.

It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: “And this, too, shall pass away.” How much it expresses! How chastening…

Spaced Repetition

When we hear, see, or read something good, which we should be doing every day, we must recognize we will forget it.  That is why I capture the valuable idea in a hardcover spiral bound (lay flat) journal.  It can't get away.  Then I can read it later. Spaced repetition…

Free People Live Longer

An experiment was done with elderly people in nursing homes.  Half of them were told they had control over their schedules, and the other half were told that their schedules would be set for them.  The group who had control lived longer. Let's stay free, and be in control of…

It's a sin to quit

Etymologically the word "sin" means to essentially "miss the mark", as an archer who misses their target. If you miss, take another shot!  

Feed the positive

Negativity destroys performance.   You will never outperform your own beliefs and expectations. Feed the positive.

"Success" is up to you

Success should be measured by you and how you live compared to the vision you have of your best self. BUT - your vision will be based on you knowing your potential and what is available to YOU. Do you recognize what you can do now?

Have good bad days

People talk about "raising the roof" - having better "best days".  But progress toward your most important meaningful goals takes many many days.   How about days when we don't feel it, have a setback or when things don't go our way? "Raising the basement" and having better bad days can…

Beat yesterday

Don't compare yourself to anyone else but who you were yesterday. Make you proud.   Beat yesterday.

Highly connected – and lonely

People today, especially young people, are more connected than ever, yet more lonely than ever. People need in-person interaction.  We need social circles that support healthy behavior.  We need to get together with groups of people who share the same interest that they understand - and understand them.  We need…

Your yesterdays created your today

Health, finances, reputation, friends, relationships, fulfillment - good or bad - you did this to yourself. If you want something to change, you have to change how you think and who you are being each day. What is it?

Learning a lesson before you need it

Lately, I have come across several decision points where I knew what to do beforehand because of what I have learned along my journey.  The answer was counter to my immediate human emotional urge, but I knew that long term it was the right thing to do - so I…

What are you doing this year?

It's 2023.   What are you going to do this year that is memorable, fun, exciting, and/or a big step forward for you this year? It's March now.  Get on it!

Create and give more value than you consume

You get rewarded in life based on your contribution to others.   If you give more than you take, you will almost always be in a good position. Can you see that in people around you? How is that working out for you?


No matter what you do, you can do it with kindness toward other people.  Being kind is a gift that can make you feel better. "A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." - Amelia Earhart "When I…

Eliminate options

It's an amazing time to be alive.  Because of the freedom our forefathers constructed, the rule of law, and free market capitalism, we all (in countries with these ingredients) have countless options for what to eat tonight, how to entertain ourselves, who to date, and what to do with our…

Nothing to lose

When it comes to living full out and growing towards all the potential inside you, many people live small thinking they have something to lose. But the most precious thing you have to lose is the opportunity while you are here, and it is slipping by day after day if…

Fooling Yourself

When I was a kid, say about 12 years old, somehow I became a big Styx fan.  That's a band if you don't know. They had this album at the time called "The Grand Illusion".  I just loved it.  On the album was a song called "Fooling Yourself".   I think…