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In 2016 I was in the black desert night on a dirk bike near El Rosario in Baja. I was pre-running the Baja 1000 course and with my son.  But I lost him.  He was behind me a few minutes ago, and now I can’t find him.  I shut my engine down and take off my helmet to listen for him on a high plateau.  Nothing.  No lights.  Black, cold wind.  My body temperature was dropping and I knew his was too.  We were dressed for daytime.

It’s a long story I have told before, but I finally found him.  His headlight had failed.  We rode side by side to finally get to a road.  We followed it.  Eventually, we found Mama Espinoza’s.  It was a small hotel with a restaurant that would open in the morning.  We checked in, shivering and tired.  If we had to ride 200 miles back to Ensenada, we would have been in serious trouble.

Mama Espinoza had started the place about 50 years earlier when there was really nothing here.  She was 95 years old now.  She catered to travelers, and no doubt they were grateful she had set up her business there.

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs are responsible for solving problems and creating a higher standard of living for everyone.  

Hold your head up, and be proud for the work you do for others today.

Robert Brown

I had a high school friend by the name of Sam Moses…. any way to see if it is the same guy?

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