Go "slow" to go fast

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

An overwhelmed brain will not work well.  You have to slow down and think about what is the most important thing that you can do that will make tomorrow better.  Do that. Only that.

Delegate the other work to your people.  Don’t have people?  Get some.  Can’t afford people?  Then raise your prices.  Can’t raise your prices?  Add more value to your product or be a better marketer or salesperson so you can.

One thing at a time.  Keep your brain working well.

Bob ligmanowski

Seems so simple
Good afternoon…sunny but cold and more snow coming in Chicagoland

Tesh JB

Calling it a night when I really want to stay up for more research. Obviously it’s harder than you’d think, for here I am when I need to be asleep. Thank you for this notion, found at just the right time.

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