Don't lose your family to your business

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I have heard it a few times; people who became so obsessed with their business they lost their family.  You can be very passionate about your business – that’s awesome, but be home by 6 for dinner.

Figure out a way to get YOUR job, the leadership job, done by 5:30, and don’t work weekends.  If you feel you have to work more than that, you’re doing it wrong.

Stop arguing.  You can.

Tom McKee

Extremely important advice for all of us to follow. Thank you Larry.

David Resnick

Too late! I always put work first and family second. It was just the way I was wired. Now, the damage is done and in the end, did any of my employers give a darn if I worked that hard and often? Absolutely not. So the moral of the story is, your job, company is nowhere near as important as your family. EVER!

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