Stoicism and Entrepreneurship

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Business and life can both be dramatic and emotionally draining if we react to everything wildly.

Practicing Stoicism can reduce drama and smooth out our days and lives.  I find it very helpful.

A stoic will maintain an even manner in adversity and not meltdown and lose it – something that has been very helpful to me these last 6 years.

Read or listen to books by or about Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.

“There are more things likely to frighten us, than there are to crush us.” – Seneca

Let me know how you liked them, or if you already have read some of these, with the orange button.

Paul McManus

Makes sense you are a Stoic Larry. Good on you! I start my day with Think Daily and The Daily Stoic. Which make for a great way to start my day.

I like how you are ending your posts with ā€˜Iā€™m grateful for..ā€ Iā€™m grateful for you and Think Daily. Have a great day!

Tom Lanahan

Ryan Holiday is the author I’m reading the most, makes Stoicism more clear to me. Also recommend Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. Thanks for the daily nuggets.

Patricia Aronica

Good Morning from Buffalo NY,

Eric Greenberg

HI Larry, I was always taught to not get Too excited about a success, and not to get to down with a negative, to just keep and even keel. I love getting a little excited with a sale, but I keep it real and not get too disappointed with the news that they went with someone else (hopefully that doesn’t happen often)


Christina Wingard

Hi Larry,

I just finished “The Obstacle is The Way” . Great book. I highly recommend!

Tanner Janesky

“The Tao of Seneca” is great! “Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” on Audible has a very boring narrator which makes it very difficult to get through (not recommended).

Tim Runyon

Larry can you refer us some books on this please?

Harry Burlakoff

I am also grateful Tom Matthews and Eddie Griffin at Brown Roofing! šŸ™‚

Christopher Grossmann

I’ve been listening to Meditations by Marcus Aurelius in the car between appointments.


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and Letters from a Stoic by Seneca

Matt stevenson

Plenty of good audio on stoicism , Marcus Aurelius Meditations etc for free On YouTube for anyone interested

Takes practice …..

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