Ask. Then ask again.

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Here’s a funny story.  When I was in high school one of my good friends was, let’s say, a pretty goofy looking dude.  If you saw him you’d say there was no way this guy is getting a date with a pretty girl.  Well, what he did was ask.  He’d go up to a nice girl and ask “Will you go out with me?”  She’d usually say no.  But would he quit?  No way.  He’d go up to the next one and ask.  Eventually he’d get a pretty girl to go out with him.  All us “good looking guys” would be hanging out with each other on Saturday night while he was out on a hot date!


At a dance we would watch in amazement as he approached a line of girls and would ask them one by one to dance with him.  He’d get a no, then another, then another – but then, one would say yes.  He’d be out there dancing with a girl while we were all standing there like lonely dopes on the other side of the dance floor watching him, envious of his “good fortune”.


The lesson is ask.  Ask nicely, ask with a smile and ask to be helpful – but ask.  If they say no, ask someone else.  Don’t stop asking. It’s not about the ones who say no, it’s about the ones who say yes.


Remember we said the most successful businesses and people were not the ones who can supply product or do the work, it’s the ones who can sell the best;  and selling is asking.

Ray Smith

Great, to the point story….

Gray Wilson

Love it!!!!! High school was a tough time for all. If you were shy you spent a lot of time with your friends and not on dates. The day you decide to take a chance is when you learn to live….Learning how to ask will improve your success rate but asking is still a necessary component.

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