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Larry Janesky: Think Daily

If producing your product or service requires art, it’s not scalable.

If your special eye, talent, unique ability is necessary, it’s not likely to scale.

Simplicity is a synonym for repeatability.

Can ordinary employees produce your product or service?

Richard Graniere

I read your comments daily, thanks for the inspiration. Please keep it up.

Karl Bagwell

Great little bits of information. I look forward to them

Bob ligmanowski

Beautiful morning in Chicagoland ! It’s my “shoot the arrow” Which I thought was crazy you you introduced us to it. Thank you for all your hard work for us! This one really hit home (again) I’m sending it to my contractor friends…they don’t understand, like i didn’t 🙂


Just signed up a few weeks ago, and I love it. Thanks for the effort.

Jeff Russell

Congrats on not missing one. That’s amazing discipline! Think Daily helps me with my self motivation. Often I use these in our morning huddles to motivate my team. Almost always someone will come to me after the huddle and make some comment about how the Think Daily quote touched them or hit home with them. Great work Larry.. Thank you for taking this on for us all.

David Hazel

Hello Larry,
Your persistence and consistency is truly remarkable and I’m grateful for what your inspiration provides the world each and every weekday! Keep up the effort and may success continue to find you and those you connect with.
All the best!

David Williams

Received my first daily message today…….very inspirational, and so true on scaling a business. Thanks Larry

Danny Swaim

11yr streak of quality ideas and suggestions is beyond impressive. I appreciate your perspectives and read them daily. Thank you!

Bill Purcell

Dear Larry,
Thanks for sharing your Nuggets of Wisdom for the past 11 years. I always feel that your messages are meant expressly for me, which is a testament to the extraordinary connection that you have made with your thousands of loyal readers. In these difficult times, your insights are needed now more than ever!
Your Friend, Bill.

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