"A CEO should not have any work to do"

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Think about this quote from Tobias Lutke, CEO of Shopify.  He didn’t mean that the CEO was a privileged position and was entitled to do nothing all day.

What he understands is that if the leader had a job where day-to-day tasks and duties keep coming at him/her filling up their day, then they have no time to observe from far away and close HOW it is really working, no time to think about what is most important now, and no time to create the future.

Are you a leader whose day is filled with tasks and duties?

Darrin Saffell

Good morning from Olympic Restoration Systems! Thanks for taking the time to prepare these daily thoughts…and for your amazing School of Entrepreneurship!

Suzie Saffell

Embracing this concept has been very freeing for us! Letting go of the daily tasks is truly changing our life! Hi from Brazil!!!!

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