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Fail forward

"I tried it and it didn't work." Ok, you are smarter now because you know that when you do that in that way, it doesn't work.   Now get on with it and try it again, smarter!  Or go a different direction based on what you know.  There is no success…

You stressed you out.

When there is too much stress and worry in your life, you can look outward for the solution, but it won't help; at least not in a meaningful or lasting way.  For example if we blame others, we can absolve ourselves from responsibility, but now we are just angry at…

Change your mind, change your life.

Most people have created a mental construct of what they can do and stay in the fence they built. The limits are self-constructed and self-imposed.  They are not real unless you say they are real. Change your mind, change your life.  

Older yes – and better?

Ten years from now most people will be a ten year older version of who they are today. Will that be you?  Or, will you be a different/better/smarter/higher performing version of who you are now? That won't happen if you don't learn new things and get out of your comfort…

The world revolves around you.

If it doesn't, then who does it revolve around?  You can only perceive the world from your perspective. Recognizing that everyone has their own perspective and construct of how the world is, yours is yours.   It's your life, and the first thing you can do to make the world better…

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. – V Lombardi

If you don't take care of yourself and get enough rest, you won't have the strength, the will, the courage and the energy to take on the challenges of being a high-performance person and be your best self. Go to bed earlier.

That thing you've been pushing down…

Ok, it's time.  That problem...that hurt you have been locking away...that thing that you did or was done to you... Your freedom and release lie on the other side of that.  You have to open it up and go right at it.  Work it out.  Acknowledge it, take the hit,…

You were wrong about you

What person do you know the best in the whole world?  You right? Well, I've got news for you.  You were wrong about you.  You made it all up.  The limitations you think you have were constructed by you.  The only reason they are true for you is that you…

Celebrate small wins

When you do small things right you feel good. Then you get some momentum.  Then you feel some confidence. It's a spiral up. Get started.  Do the small things right.

Do you need education, or motivation?

"If someone is going in the wrong direction they don't need motivation to speed them up, they need education to turn them around!" - Jim Rohn Are you going in the right direction?  If so, go fast!  If not - turn around!

Be true to you

If I say to myself I am going to do something, (even though I was in quite a good and optimistic mood when I said it) I do it.  "I'm going to work out tonight", "I'm going to write Think Daily messages Saturday morning before I do anything else, "I…


Stop and start is hard.  People give up. Don't stop.  Be consistent.  Get out there over and over again.   Make progress a habit.  Stay with it.  The habits and skills and results will accumulate over time. Be consistent.

Make Courage Unnecessary

You need courage to get out of your comfort zone.  When you do it enough, you become confident.  When you are confident, courage is no longer necessary. What do you want to be confident with now? Muster up the courage first.

Advanced Scout

Your imagination is the advanced scout to the rest of your life.  It's the preview of coming attractions. Spend time to connect with the voice inside you, and imagine. Dream and find the ideal path. Create your future. See it. What do you see?

Natural Healing

I'm listening to one of "The Great Courses" on natural healing and the instructor, who used to be a cardiologist putting in stents every day, noted that doctors don't (have time to) ask you what you are doing, eating, thinking, or about your environment or habits when you have a…

Do your job

On the congested roads of failure, scandal, tragedy, and ruin, it has been my observation that someone didn't do their job. Life is the acceptance of responsibilities or their evasion. You got this?