Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Be Consistent

You don't have to be the fastest, smartest or strongest to win. Your superpower can be consistency. When I was in a 34-hour dirt bike race, at any point if there were an inquiry "what are you going to do now?", the answer was always "keep going!"   Don't worry about…

The Think Daily Pledge

I adapted this from "Joshua's Pledge" on YouTube.  I hung it where I see it in the morning and recite it every day. Today is gonna be a good day. I thank God for waking me up today. I’m going to read or listen, so I can learn, and be…

What are you encoded for?

There are things we don't do well, things we do well, and then there are things our mind (and perhaps body) are just made for. What do you have a special talent for?  What comes easy and doesn't feel like work?  What are you "encoded" for?  Find out.  It is…

Overcome yourself

What holds you back more than any other factor is you. Knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, decisions and habits. Can you overcome the current version of you?

Going in the wrong direction? Turn back!

"A step backward after making a wrong turn is a step in the right direction" - Kurt Vonnegut No matter how much your ego may hurt, or how much you have invested, once you realize you are going in the wrong direction - turn back!

Do what you want – accept the consequences

Each of us has choices for how we want to spend our time and what we want to do, and each of us must accept the consequences for our actions.  What you get today, and how others behave toward you is a consequence of what you have done in the…

Hell yeah! or no

Want to live a more exciting life?  Then spend your time doing things that are "hell yeah!" or don't do them.  Cut out the "ehh, ok, I'll do it, I'll go" stuff. Makes sense to me!  How about you? What are you doing this week?  If it's not "hell yeah!",…

It's what they DON'T do

High-performing, successful people don't necessarily do things that unproductive people don't do at all.  It's more that they don't do many things that unproductive people do. They say NO to lots of activities so they can spend a lot of time on the very highest value things. Do you spend…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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