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Authoritis – Good disease to have

The compulsion to write all the good ideas you hear down in a journal.   The habit made even more valuable when you reread some of what you have written at regular intervals and apply them to what challenges you have at the time.  

Are you ''intexticated"

Driving while texting has been shown to be SIX times more dangerous than driving while drunk. Save yourself and don't hurt people.

Master your thinking

If there is one thing you must master, it's how to use your brain. Thinking is the favorite pastime of this computer in your head, and if you misuse it, it can be destructive. You're the operator.  Get help, learn how, and do the job.


It will slowly ruin you. It's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Write a book

When I read a book I underline or highlight the best ideas.  One book I read recently, Awareness, by Anthony De Mello,  had a LOT of lines underlined.  I wrote these words in a journal, and it took up 28 pages in my own writing. I literally wrote that book. …

Hours are perishable

So are minutes and moments.  Months and years.  Once wasted, you can't get them back. Use them wisely.

All great teachers are great students

Helping others is really teaching.  If we are to be good at helping others, then we need to be great at learning ourselves. Having a habit of learning each day and selecting the right combination of people to learn from will help us be a great teacher and able to…

Pursue your uniqueness

"Listening to yourself is about having your unmistakable voice.  You will never develop an authentic voice unless you are aware of what makes you unique and pursue it boldly." - from "An Audience of One"

Your choice

We do not choose the day of our birth, nor the day of our death. In between, however, is all choice. Now, yet again. 

A different point of view

A different point of view is simply from a place that you are not. There are a billion places to be - a billion points of view. It should be no surprise that people have different points of view. Don't fight it, embrace it.

Own your screw-ups

We all make mistakes.  Just admit it, own it, make it better and don't do it again! Moving on.....

Forced to change our attitude

When something is out of your control, and you try to change it over and over again to no avail, you are faced with one last option - to change your attitude about it. Can you accept it?  Make sense of it?  Understand it?  Forgive it?  Make use of it? …

Get busy!

Unsure?  Unconfident?  Unhappy? Get busy working toward a meaningful goal! "The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not." - George Bernard Shaw Choose and get after it!

The thorn of experience

Recently I had some 19 and 20-year-olds from the city to my place to ride four-wheelers.  I have them up about once a year, and each year I instruct them and tell them about the dangers of pushing the boundaries.  Nevertheless, each year it ends with one of them getting…


What the major goal in your life right now? Would anyone who watched you go through your day be able to tell?

Placing your happiness outside yourself

If your happiness depends on pleasing others, what others think of you or living up to their expectations, you're going to have trouble being happy because you have given control of it to others. Make you proud.  Do what makes you happy and fills your personal legend.  This you have…