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Opportunity Knocks…

If you answer the door, work will be standing there. We all get opportunities.  Small ones at first.   To take advantage of them and get bigger opportunities, you have to do the work.

Had to be there to be here…

You had to be there to be here - right? And your being here is a stepping stone to be somewhere else - right? Your current situation - quicksand or springboard. A choice. It's up to you...

Ripples across humanity

The other day I was going into a diner and a woman was coming out and said "Hey I know you!  I get your messages every morning and I really love them.  I have a business and I have used all your ideas."   I didn't know her, and maybe I'll…

Pain can be a gift

Pain can be a gift.   "Damn it!  I'm pissed off enough to make the change in myself I need to but haven't!" Hurt enough yet?

Be unreasonable

People who are reasonable don't chase big goals - and don't catch them either. People who are reasonable know when to quit - and they do. People who are reasonable listen to others who caution them to play it safe. People who accomplish great things are NOT reasonable.

Where seeds grow best

The seeds of your dreams grow best in the compost of your past. Stuff happened.  You've learned a bunch of things.  You're smarter now. You're ready.

No evidence of success

No evidence of success is not evidence you can not be successful. It just means you haven't done what it takes - yet. Yet.

Bob and Weave

Just because your plan was wrong doesn't mean your goal is unattainable.   Keep your goal, change your plan.

It's hard to appreciate what did NOT happen

Nuclear war.  We were all worried about it when I was growing up.  Ronald Reagan avoided it and saved tens of millions of lives.  Sound overly dramatic?  That's because it didn't happen and it's hard to appreciate. That bad car accident you weren't in last week?  Your child not being…

Talk about your plans

You're so close to it all the time and you think you have it all worked out. But when you tell others about your plans, projects, and life you have to get clear on it and give a complete vision.  When explaining it to others you can see holes in…

A Bird's Gotta Fly

"We quest for the fulfillment of our potential." - Joseph Campbell What potential is inside of you that you need to express?

Keep learning

Teacher by teacher, phrase by phrase, book by book and experience by experience - you put it all together for yourself. You should be smarter, wiser and abler now than a year ago; a year from now than today.

Be an Economics Major

Everyone needs to understand money - how to make it and what to do with it when you get it and how it grows. What you do with your money now will make a profound impact on your life in the future. "A fool and his money are soon parted."…

If you think it's possible…

If you think it's possible for you - it is.  Keep going with faith and don't stop. If you think you know everything - you don't.  Keep researching and ask. If you think you are alone - you aren't.  Reach out and tell your story.

Built not Born

Your life is a choice.  Clarity - Firm decision - Sustained action Build you.    

Loneliness or Solitude?

"Our language has wisely...created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone.  And it has created the word 'solitude' to express the glory of being alone." - Paul Tillich When you are alone, do you love the one you're with?