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Health should be a priority

You don't think about the brakes in your car until you have none.  You may not think about your health until one day...then it's too late. So, eat right, sleep enough, move that body at regular intervals.   Make your health a priority.  If you don't, not much else matters when…

Positive response to change

"It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change". - Charles Darwin What (traumatic, scary, big thing) happened?  How did you respond?

The courage to succeed

Success takes desire and discipline.  But it also takes courage. The courage to risk the usual.  The courage to step out of the crowd at the risk of making a mistake and looking foolish.  The courage to challenge our self-concept and the voice in us that is telling us to…

The Courage to Challenge Your Identity

Some people will wrestle a crocodile or bungee jump off a high bridge or ride an angry bull.  That's courage. But the courage we all need is the courage to face our own mental constructs of who we are - to fight our ego and break the bonds of who…

Capture the Ideas

Ok this is freaky - On June 2, 2019 I got to bed late - about 2 am.  I was in the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada BC, Mexico.  You see, I had just finished the Baja 500 in 19 1/2 hours.  I was really beat.  But I only slept…

Talent, Skill and Performance – not need

When I rolled my motorcycle up to the starting line facing 800 miles of hostile terrain and a time limit of 34 hours, I don't say to the challenge "I need this". I can only present talent, preparation, skill and performance.  That's all that matters. You don't present need to…


You don't get anywhere sitting around in your comfort zone. Get out of it.

Don't lose focus

Due to the rain that we have been having here just in time for the Baja 1000... the officials have decided to postpone the start of the race by 24 hours!  Regardless, I am staying focused on the end goal! I am ready!

Confidence comes from doing it

For three long years, I tried to finish the Baja 1000 solo.  Every time I thought about it, I was anxious, and adrenaline shot into my system.  It was horrible.  I knew it would end badly and pain would be involved.  I did not know I could finish because I…

Doing hard things makes the rest easier

On Friday at 3 am Pacific Time I will be on course in the Baja 1000, the longest non-stop cross country race in the world.  Again, I will be in the solo class called the Ironman Class.  My son Tanner will be racing in the same class.  Last year I…

The toughest person to lead

The toughest person you'll ever lead is yourself. It turns out that self-control, self-discipline and imposing high standards on ourselves is harder than suggesting the same for someone else. How YOU doin'? 

The KWINK question

Knowing What I Now Know, would I ___________ again? If the answer is no, then get out, stop, sell, discontinue, break it off, asap. Go ahead... ask yourself the question.

Love doing the right thing?

I love this quote from one of my favorite philosophers. "How much better to pursue a straight course and eventually reach that destination where the things that are pleasant and the things that are honorable finally become for you, the same. - Seneca If I don't love working out, eating…

IQ vs Self-Discipline?

Which do you think is a more important factor in determining success - IQ or self-discipline? We're asking if you'd rather have super smarts and be loose and lazy when it comes to doing what must be done, OR be of average intelligence and have an iron will when it…