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Effort = Happiness?

Would you be happy if you didn't work and stayed home?  If you didn't have to take the garbage out or shop or cook or clean up?  If you didn't have to do much at all and just sat around - would you be happy then? When we complain about…


I am the program director of my own "Radio" station - W-L-A-R-R-Y.  I control what goes in my ears and in front of my eyes.  I decide and don't let others decide for me, because I know what I am trying to become and what my plan is, and they…

No pressure – no diamond

Many of us try to avoid effort and avoid suffering.  But the truth is that without them, the greatest things in life are not possible. While we don't choose suffering, choosing to avoid it is choosing a bland life of unrealized potential.

What's in the way?

Progress = Effort - Interference What is interfering with your progress? What's in the way and making it more difficult for you? Instead of just working harder, can you remove the interference? 

Make life happen FOR you

The day you graduated from childhood to adulthood is the day you have to take complete responsibility for yourself.   While everyone else is blaming someone or something else, you take responsibility and transform problems into opportunities. Make life happen for you, not to you.  

You ARE responsible

Yesterday we said we need to take full responsibility in order to change our lives.  The reality is you are responsible -  1) By what you did 2) By what you didn't do (you could have, should have...) 3) By how you responded to what happened to you.  If…

Take full responsibility

Changing your life or your business is not possible until you take full responsibility for it all. Have you taken full responsibility?

Feelings are not facts

Negative emotions like anger and frustration and hate can be made more intense by simply dwelling on them and running the scenario that sparked them over and over again.  Then we act on them and make a mistake by doing something stupid, embarrassing or that causes people to not want…

Born this way

We all have inherent talents and abilities.  Certain tasks and activities come easily; we like doing them. That's what you need to follow, develop and use to create value for others. What were you born with?

Liberty Causes Prosperity

This, from my friend Dr. Tom Palmer at the Atlas Network - "After tens of thousands of years on this earth, in our lifetime we have witnessed the greatest poverty eradication in human history.  In 1990 35% of humans or 1.85 billion were living in poverty.  Thirteen years later that…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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