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How would you measure success?

How would you know if you were "successful" in your life? What would your life be like to make you feel successful? Let's have everyone hit the orange button and let us know in the comments.  Go ahead!  

What is YOUR best life?

You have but one life.  If you were to manifest and live your best life, what does that look like? What would you do?  Who are you being?  What are you experiencing?  What are you giving? Spend some time on this question.  Because even you are far off your ideal…

Who am I becoming?

What is your current life doing to you? The place you live.  The environment.  The people that are around you. What you pay attention to.  What you eat and drink.  What you choose to do each day... Who are you becoming?

Childhood is a short season

"Childhood is a short season" - Helen Hayes It went by so quickly - didn't it?  What about your twenties?  Same there. Thirties?  Forties?  Like a flash, right?  Fifties - yup, gone in no time... How many days and years and decades will pass until you do that thing you've…

More mistakes to make

When we accomplish our goals and get to be "successful", it is foolish to think that we are done making mistakes.  Now we are at a new level where we are an amateur again, and there are new mistakes to make. Pay close enough attention and you can see a…

There's no down time

How do you contribute to others and add value?  The more value you create, the more successful you will be. Out of work right now due to the crisis?  It's not downtime.  It's time to get a clear vision of how you will create value when it's over and skill…

Being Alone/Solitude

Lately, many people have been spending time in solitude at home.  Being alone with yourself is a very different experience than what most of us are used to.  Here are some quotes on the subject. "In solitude, we are liberated to be the person we truly are." - Alexandra Stoddard…

How do you see you?

"Until you close your eyes and see yourself with a different vision, the vision you have with your eyes open won't change." - Larry Dunnigan You'll never outperform your own expectations. Change your thoughts, change your life.

"I don't have time"

You have time.  You just have prioritized other things. What is most important to do now so tomorrow can be better?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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