Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Kick your own butt

If you are self-disciplined even when your body or mind disagrees at the moment, there's not much anyone else can do to stop you.  

Strength grows from struggle

While we all adjust to get through these unusual days, I am reminded that tough times, even really really tough times, serve a purpose for us.  Simply, they make us stronger.   I have always found great comfort in these words from Louis L'Amour -  "There will come a time when…

Fear Agents

Dear friends,   Yesterday I walked into a place where they had antique radios stacked up as a display and decoration. I had seen such radios before as I had collected some and put them in our cafeteria in building one. There were wooden cabinets and plastic dials and tattered…

Take care of you

"Standing here with a clean heart and my song in the wind" - Suzanne Vega, "Calypso" If you take care of you, there no telling what you can do.

Who turns you on?

Who inspires you? Who gets you motivated to do good things? Hang out with them more or tune into them more.  

Get it right when it's small.

If you don't take care of a plant when it's small, you won't get the opportunity to take care of a big one that bears fruit. If you don't handle small amounts of money well, you won't ever be handling big amounts.

Working through the pain

"The man who can drive himself farther once the effort gets painful is the man who will win" - Roger Bannister An easy life never built a strong resilient able human being. We all experience pain - physical, emotional, psychological.  The pain is sending us a message and we often…

"Out of Service"

What should someone do if they feel they have hit the bottom and feel useless? Get up and go help someone who needs it.   In no time they will begin to feel valuable and worthwhile. Be "in service".


Today is the day you change your life ten years from now. Decide.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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