Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Win-lose leads to lose-lose

When dealing with others, if you make others lose in order for you to win, next time you will lose. People remember.  And those same people will be in your ecosystem forever, whether you see them or not. Will they want to deal with you again? Or will they be…

Mostly an optimist

Optimism determines success. If you can be an optimist 80% of the time, you are doing good. Keep looking for the good.

One thought at a time – take control

There was a time when, after many years of doing it, I was scared to death to jump my motorcycle off our freestyle ramp.  There have been times when I was afraid to do a speech or presentation.  There have been times I was afraid of looking dumb or being…

"I am responsible"

It's impossible to be negative and blame while saying "I am responsible" at the same time. Liberate yourself.  Take responsibility - and then you can change things for the better.  

The steps you don't see

When we live in the physical world only, we become very limited people.  We don't take steps unless we see the whole staircase, where it leads to, and the reward/reason for making the journey. When we have faith, however, and understand the powerful and unwavering connection between the unseen and…

The starting point of all achievement.

Desire.  Without a desire to accomplish something, it is not possible for you. With a strong burning desire, you can and will figure out the rest. What do you really really want?

Obsessive Focus

When you are lukewarm about things and spread your time across many casual pursuits, you won't accomplish much worth talking about a year from now. But with an obsession-like focus, it's is amazing what you can accomplish.  Just about anything... Obsession.  Focus.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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