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Say Something

"All that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing" -Edmund Burke At work, in your community, in your state and in your country - if something is not right, say something. Shouldn't you?

Dream Crusher?

What would be better; a world where everyone's dreams came true, or where nobody's did?   Don't crush others' dreams - encourage them.  You'll be happy with what you get back.

The Storyteller

Your stories overlap, intersect, underlie and overarch.  It's your choice to decide which ones to expand, and which to dissolve; which to assign meaning, and which to share and identify with. It's your story, and you're the storyteller.  The one it means the most to is you, and you can…

Producing exceptional students

Call me crazy, but the idea of teaching all children the same thing is useful until about the sixth grade.  Then we should recognize strengths and weakness in our children and start teaching them to run with their strengths and be great at something.  Instead we fight their weaknesses, and…

Freedom lies in being bold

When the comfortable majority doesn't stand up to the activist radical minority who would bring ruin if left uncontested, bad things happen. When the majority is doing something wrong, and the minority doesn't speak out and stand up against it, bad things happen. Freedom lies in being bold.

Better left unsaid…

Saying the right thing at the right time to encourage others is important. More important is to not say the wrong thing when the temptation arises. Don't crush people.  Even when they make it easy.  

Why I make typos on Think Daily

I could tell you that I have fat fingers.  I could say I don't proofread.  I could tell you that my program has such small type and I borderline need glasses (partially true now).  I could say I am ignorant and can't spell well (mostly untrue).  I could say I…

Increasing your value

How can you increase your personal value? - Learn much more about a key subject (the work you do, or the work you want to do). - Get healthier. - Dress better. - Encourage others. There are lots of ways to make yourself more valuable!  - And you are worth…

The Inner Winner

You can't win with people or lead winning people unless you're a winner yourself.   Winning habits.  Winning thoughts.  Winning values. Be winner - and then you'll win.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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