Think Daily by Larry Janesky
It's what's inside

"I am better than everyone else", "I am not as good as everyone else" - it's the same mistake. Don't develop your feelings about yourself and the world from comparisons to others.  Look inside instead.  That's where your value, spirit and peace can be found.

Maturing can be hard

Learning valuable lessons can be difficult, and feel a whole lot like defeat, humiliation or embarrassment. Don't worry - you're getting better.

Don't argue for your problems

When you argue for your problems you are getting on their side in defeating you.  Don't argue that they are large, insurmountable, and ever present - unless you intend on letting them beat you. Victim or Victor?

What holds us back now

In the past it may have been lack of resources, infrastructure or opportunity, that we were a minority, not in the ruling or privileged class, or no access to information. Now, it's none of those things.  Now it's only one thing.  Us. No excuses.

Voluntary Progress

You don't have to learn new things to make yourself more valuable and productive and relevant.  But you don't have to have job security, make more money and have a better lifestyle either.

UUN- Useless United Nations

The UN is corrupt, wasteful and harmful to human rights and world peace.  For one example they could have easily stopped the slaughter of 800,000 innocent people in Ruwanda.  They chose not to. Darfur was/is next. It's time to stop funding it (8 billion a year from the US alone…

Finances and Relationships

All the money (and "stuff") you want and need is now possessed by someone else.  Your success is dependent upon your ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with other people. How are you doing?

The man behind the curtain

Individuals create institutions, and governing bodies and all sorts of groups, then we allow them to have more power than individuals.  But in the end, there are just people running them and using their appointed authority to control or do what they feel is best for individuals. It can be…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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