Think Daily by Larry Janesky
"You may be right"

Keep an open mind for opposing opinions.  This way you may learn something, you can be corrected when you are wrong, and you won't lose the listening of those you are trying to persuade. To my dissenters - "you may be right". (And I mean it).

Write your own obituary

What would it say about you?  What would it say you have done?  What mark have you made?  How was the world better for you having been here? Go ahead, write it. And when it comes time for the real one, will it be different?

Running for high office?

In today's world, our best and brightest consider the "doctrine of mutually assured humiliation" before running.  Why put you and your family through such brutal attacks as the other side spins, twists, and outright lies? True, we need to know what our leaders are all about.  But there are lines…

"A fear free life"

Psychologically and emotionally, a fear free life is what we want. In order to get it, we need the confidence that comes with knowledge.  Hearsay, gossip and "news programs" aren't going to be the kind of knowledge we need. What are you afraid of?  Learn all you can about it.

Advice for young (or old) unemployed workers

No work is beneath you.  If you can't get your "ideal" job, take any job, and start there.  Show that you can do it very well, be proactive, get you work done faster than expected, and ask what else you can do to help the organization excel and move forward.…

The Top 10%

Your job is to get into the top 10% at what you do.  If you are one of the best __(insert marketable skill here)___, you'll always be in high demand, never have to worry about a job, and make more money. Do you want to get in the top 10%?…

The "Affordable" Care Act

I have been silent on this, waiting to let reality and hype seperate.   The Declaration of Independence had fewer than 4500 words and gave birth to an entire country, and given it the principles that made it soar.  The Affordable Care Act has 338,000 words and no member of…

Getting in front of change

"The commercial marketplace punishes pride and arrogance and it rewards humility and a teachable spirit.  Be happy for your successes, but never stop learning.  There is always more to know because the world is ever changing, and none of us can know all things.  The key to thriving in this…

Believe, decide and think about

If someone guessed that a while back you made a decision to live the way you are, they'd likely be right.  Right? How do you want to live a few years from now?  Do you believe it?  Have you decided on it and do you think about it most of…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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