Getting through it

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Exercise.  Stay positive. Watch your self-talk.  Cheer someone up. Study and improve your skills.  Keep a journal of what you learned.

Seek out and watch or listen to something that inspires you.  Improve your ability to create a valuable contribution to others.

Eat good food.  Don’t eat for three hours before you go to sleep.

Get enough sleep.  Severely limit your intake of news.  Do not take your device into bed with you.

Looks like you’ve got a busy day ahead of you.  Get on it with a smile!

Darlene R. Rohlfsen

Love the encouragement!

Bob Ligmanowski

2008 we rode the wave…we will do the same now! Thank you for “Think Daily “ it makes a difference

John Gallagher

YES Sir – Thank You! – How did you know I had a busy day? – We Do
and Thankful for it

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