Loredana Fogarty

this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend lately…she asked how come people just don’t listen anymore? Ask and shut up!

Mike Mitchell

I try to remind myself everyday that God have me two ears and 1 mouth. The art of listening is extremely valuable.

Elliot C Gattuso

Don’t underestimate people’s capacity to need to be reminded of powerful , simple concepts . Thanks for this one Larry

Buck Buckley

Boy is this one right on! Larry, I know I haven’t fallen into this rabbit hole for a while which is what I call the AND/SO which stands for asking a question then saying “AND, SO,” without stopping. A terrible practice! I find people can go on for another 5 minutes with there more question. LOL! Like I said I haven’t caught myself doing it for a while which is a great thing. What is funny by the time they stop they have asked 5 questions.

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