You were wrong about you

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

What person do you know the best in the whole world?  You right?

Well, I’ve got news for you.  You were wrong about you.  You made it all up.  The limitations you think you have were constructed by you.  The only reason they are true for you is that you believe them – and that is a choice you can continue….or you can change your mind.  

Change your mind, change your life. 

Just like that.

Bob Ligmanowski

I’m changing my mind and being different everyday now since SOE. Wow! I catch myself everyday trying to go back. I’ve noticed people that “talk” and people that “do’. When I tell them or email them that I think they would benefit from “Think Daily” or “SOE”they always say”yes…I will” and never do. Now I’m seeing they are 5 min friends and won’t do it…most likely ever:(

Sean Perry

“Hey” back at ya Larry!

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