The world revolves around you.

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

If it doesn’t, then who does it revolve around?  You can only perceive the world from your perspective.

Recognizing that everyone has their own perspective and construct of how the world is, yours is yours.  

It’s your life, and the first thing you can do to make the world better is to make it a successful and happy one. 

Patricia Villers

Yes, trying to stay positive and make the most of every day as my husband and I face some health challenges.
Beautiful young lady! Thanks for your daily inspiration.

Donna Janesky

A good observation Larry. Often, one thinks of narcissism and being too self-centered if the “world revolved around them”, which can be the case if taken to the extreme. The reality of the world is what we see with our own vision and what we make of it is certainly our individual responsibility.

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