That thing you've been pushing down…

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Ok, it’s time.  That problem…that hurt you have been locking away…that thing that you did or was done to you…

Your freedom and release lie on the other side of that.  You have to open it up and go right at it. 

Work it out.  Acknowledge it, take the hit, and understand why they/you did what they did.  Be ok with it being a part of your life.

Then you can even see why or how it can be helpful in your life – how it makes you stronger, wiser and better.  

Are you ready to go straight into the eye of the hurt?

Ok.  What happened?…..

Jessica Gilbert

This is so very true. The freedom after facing the hurt is so worth it!!

Patricia Villers

Always good advice to force yourself to deal with the hurt. And then let it go.

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