Project Switching

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Like you probably do, I have many things I am working on or would like to work on in my business.  I could do a little bit on each project a day, but that is problematic.  First, I haven’t prioritized, so I am working on many things that matter less.  Second, as marvelous as my brain is (and yours is), I am splitting my attention.  Next, in order to do great work, I can’t be switching gears all day.  By the time I get into “the world of the project, it’s time to change to the next item on the to-do list.  

Instead, it’s better for me to schedule larger blocks of time, even all day, to work on something and to do it well until it’s done.  Which project?  The most important one of course!  Which is not the same as the most “urgent” one.  The most important one will have the biggest longest lasting positive impact into the future.

Say no to the less important today.  Focus on one thing; the most important thing, at a time and stay with it.


By focusing our attention on the matter that matters most will alleviate us from ” putting our attention into other possibly less important”
Its not a bad thing not having our hands in all thing all the time.

James Clifton

Thanks , not sure when or how but I picked up that nasty habit like a cold. I would typically problem-solve even if it meant an all-nighter started to get away from all niners in exchange for juggling , but like you said some things can’t be juggled just to fragile

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