Operating from fear

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Lack of knowledge, uncertainty, and lack of confidence leads to fear.  Fear makes us look at our business, people, and situations emotionally rather than logically.  That is not a good place to make decisions or run a business or even a life from.

If you are operating from fear, here’s an exercise get rid of it –

Think of the worst that could happen.  Next, resolve to accept it if it did happen.  Next, get to work on doing everything you can to make sure the worst does not happen and good things happen instead.

Don’t let fear run your show.




Sharon Leichsenring

Fear and I are old friends. It’s a constant battle to keep fear in its place. My goal is to convince myself that I have risen-si far- against every obstacle fear has thrown in my face. I’m working on it so I do t have to continue to use energy dealing with it.


That is it. I did not realize that is what I do. It is like playing “chicken” as we did as youngsters, but rather with yourself.

John LeVan

Good Exercise. As an engineer, we think like this daily! – how many levels of redundancies/failure proofing can you develop.

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