Be your own hero

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

The person that is going to save you is you.  Sure, help from others is nice and makes it easier, but it won’t matter without your full commitment and active participation. 

Chances are you have some beliefs and identity that you are holding onto that are producing results you don’t want.  You want new results but don’t want to change inside.

When you face it, see it, own it and then let it go, the superhero has arrived in your life – and it’s you.

Patricia Villers

Love this reminder, Larry. Have a great day!


Thanks Larry, that is brilliant. It is taking hold “of that something” and kicking it out that can be is so difficult. Have a great day!!!


Until YOU accept that you’re responsible for YOUR actions you will not be able to change
YOUR ways
Just my opinion


Only when you take responsibility for the choices that you take will you become the person that you know you can be


That was a really good Think Daily. Thanks, Larry! Braaap!

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