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I was spent.  I knew what came next.  Uruapan again.  Steep hill climbs, rocks, whoops – a challenge.  I sat down in the chair they had for me and had a Red Bull.  It was a reward of sorts.  I figured by the time I crashed from it I’d be across the finish line.  

Bobby knelt down in front of me and looked straight into my eyes.  He said loudly and with firm resolve,   “Now listen.  You need to ride strong and ride fast.  And when you get a chance to go fast, you go fast. You gotta finish this!  Do you hear me?!” 

I knew what I had to do, but hearing him say it filled me up.  I knew I wasn’t on my own.  Three years…I had come so far, and I was so close.   They didn’t want me screwing this up now.  I was working for them, and me.

A guy in checkered sneakers and a pony tail was at the stop videoing me.  He was giddy.  He was a fan of the movie and could not believe I was in another race right there in front of him.  His smile was ear to ear.

They filled me up with gas so I didn’t have to worry about the next gas pit a few miles down the road.  When I got there I went by it; an eerie feeling as if disaster would come in 25 miles or so.

I was 69 miles from the finish line – close enough to feel it’s magnetism.

Steve Hodson

I know you’ll finish strong. Riding and working for others is motivating. A shared success is the only success!

Bobby Miles

I will remember that day for the rest of my LIFE. The feeling Kevin and I felt was something I have never felt before.

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