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Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Do you have employees whose bodies show up to work but their minds don’t?  I bet you do.  And these are the same people who are likely to underperform, cause problems, and even leave the job for “a better one”.  

Getting people to engage fully, or at least more than they are now is the trick that a great leader or manager pulls off with the wide spectrum of people they have on the team.  There are a dozen factors such as respect, asking for ideas, listening, sharing information, expectations, goals and keeping score, training, getting the wrong people off the team to give mercy to the rest, being a leader others will follow, recognition, and doing what you can to make people feel better about themselves when they leave work than when they arrived.

The first part of it all is – do managers WANT to nurture the best performance from people?

Kendall Barritt

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