Cross train your people

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

What if you sent someone from _______ department to work in and with the people in another department for a week?  And what if you kept doing that – sending people on an adventure to another department for a week?

Would they get to know each other better?  Make friends?  Understand other departments and their capabilities and struggles?  Come up with better ideas?  Integrate better?  Have a better bench in case of an absence?  Create better teamwork?  Have people feel better about themselves?  Kill boredom and increase engagement?

I think it would do all of that and more.  What do you think?

Mary Lawrence

Hi Larry! Cross training has been our Focus for our current roll out year. (May-April). Every employee is spending a full day with someone from a DIFFERENT department entirely. We asked for their input, but also took into consideration where we thought they could learn the most. They have a very short questionnaire to fill out when they are done to let us know what they thought and what they learned. They are enjoying it so much, a couple of employees have requested a 2nd day! A week would be even better, but I just thought I would share what we have been doing since it fit your message today!

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