Chapter Twenty – The Return of 714x

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

I raced away into the beautiful desert afternoon.  I wound through the brush, up the hills and down into the valleys.  I dared the switchbacks and flaunted my machine ever closer.

I know there were some that asked “What if he doesn’t finish?”  I asked, “What if I do?”

The course here going back into Ensenada was the same course as when it came out over 33 hours earlier.  The danger of this adventure was worth 1000 days of ease and comfort.  Getting close to Ensenada I was on paved roads now.  Five miles to go.  From my elevation, I could see over the city now – the gleaming vast Pacific Ocean just beyond.

I had lived this before.  I had finished the race in my bed, many times.  Now there was rushing air and the vibration under me.  This was glory not for another hour, but for this hour.

I dropped down into the river wash in the middle of the city.  I was one mile out at an altitude of 10,000 feet.  My muscles and joints were lubricated by the magnetism of a checkered flag and knowing my team and 1000 people scattered across the globe were waiting for me at the finish line.

I popped up out of the wash onto the city street. 

Four blocks and two turns to go. 

“Very important for your life”.

The dark night of my soul.

Gasoline and whiplash and spikes. 

Two blocks.

Heat and cold and dust.

Blood.  Tears.

Mis-takes, and pain and the Weatherman.

Faces and hearts.


Last turn.  One block.


Love and honor and promises.

Mike Mitchell

I never had any doubt that you could do it, but also understand the reality of how brutal the race really is. I rejoiced for you the minute I saw on line that you had finished and I rejoice again today as you regale us with your thoughts as you approach the finish line. Also embrace the quote you have at the beginning today.

Bob Ligmanowski

Wow! That was a journey…you told the story like we were driving the bike!


Godspeed Larry Janesky, in all You do!
And thanks for another Great Story!

Dave Waldenberg

Awesome adventure … Congratulations! Thanks for your inspiration and daily teachings!

Jinnielynn Janesky Howell

Amazing…I have loved reading about this journey you are on and it is truly inspiring.

Sharon Leichsenring

I’ve said it before, and worth saying again! You write a mean dialogue. With you every grueling step of the way. Seriously, I don’t think without reading this I could even begin to appreciate your accomplishment.

Mary Lawrence

Great read Larry! From start, to Freakin’ Fabulous Finish. Congrats again!

Victor Balzer

Loved reading your journey preparing for and riding through Baja!
Well done! Congrats to you and your team.

Frank T-R Braun

Thank you so much for sharing this adventure. Congratulations!!!

Karl Bagwell

Determination, incredible willpower and the guts to keep going. Very impressive, great job !!!!

Matthew W Stewart

Thank you Larry for this wonderful story and for letting me experience it with you! Loved it!!

Jose Pastor

I could read a chapter of this story everyday for the rest of my life, and never get tired. Thank you for sharing more than the adventure itself; your feelings and determination for conquer oneself. God bless you!

Scott McIntosh


Matthew W Stewart

And I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS for an amazing accomplishment!

David Bryan

What a phenomenal story and amazing accomplishment. I loved the series of phrases you used as you approached the finish line. So compelling. Thanks for sharing.

Rocco Pace

Congratulations Larry! Incredible accomplishment!! You have to be very proud of yourself and your team. Your story telling throughout the race was captivating. I enjoyed the entire series of emails and I am very proud to say I know and met the oldest finisher of the Ironman Baja 1000!!!!!

Tim Slamans

Amazing! Having ridden off-road for 30 years including Baja I have never had the desire to race the 1,000. Too much high speed and way to many hours in the saddle. I purposely didn’t watch the results online because I knew your story would be far better without knowing the results. Thank you for every thing you do to try to bring out the best in as many people as you can.

Bart Farley

Well done. “The Journey Of a Thousand Miles begins with a single Step.” Thanks for sharing. The Thrill Of Victory!


Congratulations on finishing! I looked forward to reading the next chapter every day when I got to work, so I’m kind of bummed that it’s over. I enjoyed reading your race blog from last year also.

Tom McMaster

I watched this in real time, the website for the race was amazing. To read this log everyday and see the struggles, preparation , teamwork and perseverance required is an inspiration. I love the Baja myself but this is a whole difference experience than I had. Congrats to you and your team.


Hi Larry,
It has been a lot of fun sharing your daily story of your great experience. Just writing your story has been an achievement, and a major commitment. Thank you.
Now, we know what is next. “Go for it”!!!
Cheers, Phil.

Lisa Pant

Watching you on the website during the race is nothing compared to your first hand account of the race. Amazing.

Alan Johnson

I really enjoyed and appreciated your collection of struggles and achievement posted ie your writings. A big congratulations to you.

Barbara Young

Such an accomplishment, congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all!


Congratulations!!!! I looked forward to your daily account of this race and your previous ones. I am so happy for you and your team achieved the goal that you all have worked so hard to achieve. Appreciate you sharing with the rest of us what dreaming, planning, perseverance and mind over body can accomplish.

Donna Janesky

OMG! Great writing- on the edge of my seat. I feel like I was with you on the back of your motorcycle. Maybe we’ll try that next year!

Jean-Paul Holcomb

Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. I am so glad that you did not give up and you attained what your heart desired. You have inspired so many of us sharing not only your victories but your challenges as well. The skill with which you communicate and share your stories is as inspiring as the experiences themselves.
Well done.

Mike Davis

Congratulation Larry,
I Knew You Would Make It, Thank You For Sharing Your Amazing Quest!!!
Best Wishes Mike Davis


Braaaaap! Good job, Larry!

James Murray

That is assume. Congratulations. I looked forward to reading both blogs every day. Thank you for the inspiration

Tory Russo

Absolutely amazing and inspirational!!!!

Donald Whitt

Congratulations! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation again and again and again! Great job!!!

Chuck Boulier

Hi Larry,
Your Baja 1000 story is my motivation to run again using Regenerative Medicine to repair my severe level three arthritic hip. If successful I can avoid hip replacement surgery which will forever prevent me from running so I am following doctors orders after my stem cell replacement procedure. I was a long distant runner who recovered from a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, two afib ablations and hernia procedure over then last 30 months. Then the hip became inflamed. Your journey has motivated me to conquer my next medical challenge. Finish those last few miles!!! I am praying for you!!
Regards. Chuck

John Gibson

Awesome story it has been a great read!!!

Kendall Barritt

Great story


I can see the race, play-by-play, in my minds eye. It’s been a thrill!! Your perseverance is incredible. Inspiring! Fun! Crazy! What a ride!!!

Josh Lowe

Glorious! Loved the story. Wow! Once again congratulations on finishing!!!

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