Today – What's your plan?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

You’re the leader.  You can’t go to work without a plan!  If you do you’ll be pickled in distraction and at the end of the day you won’t be any better off than when you started – and tomorrow and the next day and next week will look the same as today.

Have a plan with the MOST important valuable work first.  This work should be part of the next major step to your larger grand plan.  

I’d rather have a high-value plan before I start, even if my day doesn’t go exactly how I planned it, than to not have a plan and get swallowed up in the myriad of other agendas in the world.

So, today – what’s your high-value plan?

Bob Ligmanowski

Spring … my favorite time of the year:). I always think about and now write on my step sheets for my high value activities. (

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