Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Everything about your business sends a signal to your employees, prospects and customers.  

The quality of the business card sends a signal.

If there is a mess around the coffee maker each day – it sends a signal.

If the shop is disorganized, and good materials are getting thrown away on occasion – it sends a signal about what our standards are and those standards will be duplicated.

If the scoreboard was launched with great enthusiasm and then it sat there not updated for weeks – it sends a signal.

The quality of the sign on your building, the foyer, the restrooms, the photo on the website – it all sends a message about how we do it here, what we put up with, what our standards are, what we expect our future to be.

What signals are your business sending?


Smoking send a bad signal – no one in our Company smoke, or any of those other bad signals.
Dress code!!!
The way you walk and talk!!!


This is so very, very true. As an employee, a manager, I see, hear and feel how these things impact company culture, standards and set expectations. They also become the little petty pain points that push people away from feeling “one team”.

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